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truAPM | Advanced Panel Meters by truAPM

Application Notes

Date: 22nd April 2016
Revision: 2nd

The APM Volt Meter can measure both AC and DC voltages. The APM-VOLT meter performs automatic AC/DC detection. All AC Voltages are automatically converted to true RMS.


The following sections discuss each configuration in more detail.

AC and DC Measurement
The APM Volt meter is connected in parallel with the voltage to be measured as shown below.







NOTE: The APM-VOLT meter is rated for a maximum input voltage of 600V AC/DC

Exceeding the rated voltage will cause damage to the APM


Make sure that the switches on the back of the APM-VOLT meter are all switched off (i.e. switched to the left)


The APM-VOLT can be set to auto range or to a user defined scale with the free APM Configurator software. You can also set the advanced features such as the backlight colour and the output alarms in this way also

Setup using the scalar function
The APM-VOLT has the ability to both scale the display and also to apply a voltage offset to the measured voltage.




In the setup above the Scale is multiplied by ten x10 and the offset is set at five 5V

Therefor if we applied 10v the display would read 100V – 5V = Reading 95V !

Using a voltage divider to read voltages greater than 600V


Software Setup
Set Scale = 10 Offset = 0