truAPM | Advanced Panel Meters by truAPM
truAPM | Advanced Panel Meters by truAPM

Process Meter

The APM process meter is a versatile panel meter for the monitoring metrics such as liquid flow, pressure, temperature or speed. It works in conjunction with industrial sensors to provide a 0.1% accuracy across the input range.

APM Process Meter Features

The APM is one of the most advanced digital process panel meters on the market. It utilises user-configurable, non-linearisation techniques to customise performance. This allows non-linear sensors such as thermocouples and pressure transducers to be used to their maximum potential. It is all down to the process meter’s proprietary software which can configure up to 20 points in a non-linear conversion table.


The Process Meter for speed, flow, pressure monitoring

An incredibly versatile panel meter, the APM process meter is ideal for a range of applications when used in conjunction with equipment such as digital RPM meters or liquid flow meter/sensors:

– speed monitoring

– liquid flow management

– pressure measurement

It has been designed to work in conjunction with flow sensors or pressure transducers to display, for example, rate of flow or tank levels. It offers precise control and measurement with readings accurate to 0.1% or better. The digital and analog outputs allow for the process meter to be integrated with other systems in the process. By using its user-programmable input the process meter can measure -10V to +10V; 0-10V; 4-20mA; 0-20mA or 10-50mA.


Programmable Digital Process Meter

It has 15 configurations pre-installed for use straight out of the box. Alternatively, it can be user-programmed to display critical parameters exactly as needed. The process meter helps increase productivity and improve safety.  Users can customise the annunciators, scale, set points and alarms all through the APM configuration software.

Process Meter Backlight Color

Dynamic backlighting, in conjunction with customisable set points, display when critical parameters have been met. Operators are visually alerted when a parameter is out of range (or is approaching it) by the panel meter’s screen flashing and/or changing colour or intensity.


Unique Design

Process Meter Positive and Negative LCD

Feature-packed and precisely designed and engineered, the APM is the ideal modern digital process panel meter. The APM’s unique design combines the instant recognition of traditional analog panel meters with the precision of modern digital process panel meters. The LCD screen has a wide viewing angle and is backlit for enhanced visibility in almost any environmental conditions and available in either positive or negative LCD display.


Part Numbers

APM-PROC-APO APM Process Meter, Positive LCD with Outputs
APM-PROC-ANO APM Process Meter, Negative LCD with outputs



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Process Meter Features

The next generation of Panel Meters.

Easy to Use.

Easy to Read.

Key Features of the Trumeter Process Meter

Large Multi-format Display that Incorporates:

  • 40 segment bar graph display
  • Large 4 digit display
  • Separate Starburst display area for annunciators, custom messages and alarm information
  • Dynamic backlight color


  • User adjustable backlight brightness and color
  • Large display
  • Wide viewing angle (both horizontal and vertical)
  • Custom annunciators


  • Display range (both min and max values)
  • Custom annunciators
  • User selectable backlight color and intensity
  • Two independent alarm set-points
  • Two independent outputs (output models only)
  • 4-20mA analogue monitor output
  • User configurable non-linearization table

Panel cutout: 68mm x 68mm [2.68” x 2.68”] as per DIN43700/IEC61554

Easy to set-up software

Just plug into any free USB port on your PC.
Run the freely available APM Configurator and you’re off.