truAPM | Advanced Panel Meters by truAPM
truAPM | Advanced Panel Meters by truAPM

Power Meter

The APM Power Meter is a digital panel meter for single-phase, split-phase and three-phase applications. The user-programmable power meter offers a dynamic three-color display and Modbus connectivity in a compact size.


Trumeter Power Meter

This panel-mounted power meter is designed for use on mains circuits up to 300VAC LN / 600VAC LL and 6A as well as Potential Transformers (PT) supported up to 10,000V and Current Transformers (CT) up to 10,000A. Its multi-measurement capability of active and reactive power makes it ideal for a wide range of power monitoring applications and one of the most flexible power meters for electrical monitoring.



• Modbus RTU connectivity plus digital and analog outputs as standard for easy system integration.
• Fits into smaller and shallower enclosures than its competitors at just 72mm square and 74mm deep.
• Features a three-color dynamic LCD screen that instantly alerts operators to alarm conditions.
• Supports configuration of a wide range of parameters via software to minimize setup time.


APM Power Meter changing display

The APM Power Meter provides instantaneous electricity measurement for:

• Voltage (L-L and L-N)
• Current
• Active Power (W)
• Apparent Power (VA)
• Reactive Power (VAr)
• Frequency (Hz)
• Power Factor (PF)
• THD Voltage & Current
• % Max Load


User-Programable Power Meter

The APM Power Meter is user-programable to display parameters exactly as required and flexibe for a wide range of applications. As well as its programmable scales and set points, it features customizable ratios for Current Transformer (CT) and Potential Transformer (PT) while the front navigation buttons allow a multitude of parameters to be viewed easily.

The unique display offers the instant recognition and intuitive monitoring with accuracy, precision and control. The color-changing backlit LCD display is viewable from wide angles and in almost any environment or conditions, from direct sunlight to low level lighting. Negative Display is available with an extended lead time

Trumeter Power Meter positive and negative display

Part Numbers

APM-PWR-APO APM Power Meter, Positive LCD
APM-PWR-ANO APM Power Meter, Negative LCD – Negative Display is available with an extended lead time
APM-PWR-XXX APM Power Meter, Customized to you





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Power Meter Features

The next generation of Panel Meters.

Easy to Use.

Easy to Read.

Key Features of the Trumeter Power Meter

Large Multi-format Display that Incorporates:

  • 20 segment triple-bar graph display
  • Large 4-digit, 3-line display
  • Dynamic backlight color


  • User adjustable backlight brightness and color
  • Large combination digital and bar graph display
  • Wide viewing angle (both horizontal and vertical)


  • Scale and range and custom alerts
  • User selectable backlight color and intensity
  • Modbus® RTU communication
  • Two independent digital outputs and one 4-20mA analog monitor output
  • Two independent alarm set-points

Easy to set-up software

Just plug into any free USB port on your PC.
Run the freely available APM Configurator and you’re off.