truAPM | Advanced Panel Meters by truAPM
truAPM | Advanced Panel Meters by truAPM

Case Studies

The technological sophistication and versatility of Trumeter’s product range has seen it thrive in a number of industries, used in applications worldwide. Any job that utilises heavy machinery or complex electrical equipment is likely to require the use of some form of process meter, helping users to ensure the equipment is always working efficiently, and within safe parameters.

Process meters are used widely in engineering, for example within the design and manufacturing of products, including field service toolboxes and canopies.


When working in the field, service engineers require power on board their vehicles in order to power equipment and tools, so generators are installed, which basically gives the engineers a mobile workshop. For safety and efficiency, it is vital that engineers are able to monitor the voltage and current that is being generated whilst they are working.

Trumeter’s solution comes in the form of our new and revolutionary range of Advanced Panel Meters, (APM). Both amp and volt meter versions of the APM allow engineers to measure and display the voltage generated and the current being drawn as they are working.

The APM’s feature large, easy to read displays, allowing field service engineers to quickly and easily take a reading. It’s vital that the engineers know if the voltage or current of their equipment exceeds customisable parameters, especially if they are working in demanding conditions. Thankfully, the APM has dynamic displays, which flash from green to red as a warning in the event that the readings become critical.

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