truAPM | Advanced Panel Meters by truAPM
truAPM | Advanced Panel Meters by truAPM

Case Studies

When replacing the traditional analogue displays of their metal spraying systems, Metallisation Ltd simply opted for the product that performed to the highest levels of safety and innovation.


With almost a century’s experience and customers all over the world, the thermal spray equipment specialists trusted Trumeter’s Advanced Panel Meters to meet their required standards of responsiveness and reporting.

Used for applications where metals require repair, protection or coating Metallisation’s technology relies on precision, including the agile adjustment and warning protocol features of Advanced Panel Meters.

Metallisation sales director Stuart Milton outlined the advantages of the new technology:
‘Having previously relied on traditional volt, current and air pressure meters with less precise needle readouts, we’re pleased with both the accuracy and adaptability of these APMs. One key benefit is the ability to see the screen in direct sunlight or through a shaded visor, unlike other panel meters we’ve used.

We also like that we can set the screen to flash red if there is a problem.’

Trumeter’s Nick Hughes highlighted further the user-friendly features of the technology:
‘For a business like Metallisation that depends on being able to measure and adjust parameters continually to ensure optimum productivity, the Advanced Panel Meter is perfect.

‘In environments with restricted visibility, they really come into their own, with the high contrast digital display and customisable coloured readout still legible even when not 100 percent clean.

‘We’re proud that yet another international business has trust in our track record of product performance and satisfying the most exacting customer requirements.’

Following a successful trial of the APM with Metallisation’s ARC150 metal spraying system, Metallisation are considering other systems and applications where the Advanced Panel Meter can be used.

This application will provide Metallisation’s workers with a consistent user interface by a single supplier, in place of prior products supplied by numerous manufacturers to suit varying voltage, current and air pressure configurations.

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