truAPM | Advanced Panel Meters by truAPM
truAPM | Advanced Panel Meters by truAPM

Case Studies


Best Energy Savings Technology Ltd (BEST), specialise in making energy saving technologies which are used in thousands of companies worldwide. One of their solutions is to help industry eliminate waste from motor-driven systems, and thereby reduce energy and maintenance costs, along with carbon emissions. BEST equipment can make energy savings to industrial clients, usually in excess of 30% with a payback period of 1-2 years.

BEST sell their services throughout the world via a network of distributors. Their distributors demonstrate energy savings using a demonstration unit which is now fitted with Trumeter’s Advanced Panel Meters to visually display how much energy can be saved by showing the swing in amp and voltage, when BEST’s Intelligent Motor Energy controller is used.

The company was using analogue meters, sourced from Taiwan, which were proving to be costly and came with lead times of 8 weeks. After finding them on the internet, newly appointed Technical Director, Andrew Smith, contacted Trumeter to see if they could offer an alternative solution.

At the time, the new Trumeter Advanced Panel Meter was being developed, Neil Cooper, Product Manager from Trumeter, visited BEST with the prototype product and blew BEST away with the features and benefits it could provide over and above the traditional meters.

The Trumeter APM allowed BEST to demonstrate their Intelligent Motor Energy Controller much more efficiently. It enables them to demonstrate the physical swing through colour change and swing, as well as allowing them to personalise the scaling of the swing for different countries, i.e. 50 – 120 V for USA, 100 – 200 V for Europe and 200 V for Japan. This has proven to be a massive benefit for the client as it has enabled BEST to produce just 1 demonstration unit for their distributors worldwide, whereas previously they would have had to produce 1 demonstration case for each country.

Commenting Andrew Smith said “From the onset, Trumeter have been very proactive to our requirements. They have taken time to understand what we need and have even made modifications to the software for us. The new APM has a massive cost benefit for us, not only in the cost of the product but also in the reduction of the size of the case; it’s less weight and easier to transport. The biggest benefit however is how it visibly demonstrates the change in voltage and current to our customers.”

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